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Online Instant Therapy

New way of self-help – anytime, anywhere

- developed by licensed and experienced psychotherapists -

  • In the COMFORT of your HOME

    Sessions are available 24/7. You can use them in your home or any other cosy and comfortable place. All you need is a peaceful place, a device that can access the Internet, and about 45 minutes of your time, when you can be alone and undisturbed.


    Processes are interactive and automated. Your privacy and intimacy are fully protected and guaranteed. If passing through some of the offered sessions results with your considering to seek further professional help, keep in mind that professional counsellors and therapists are also commited to confidentiality and you should not worry about your privacy.

  • EASY to USE

    The content of this web page and the services on it are adjusted for use on a desktop/laptop computers and tablets.
    You do not need any prior knowledge or special computer skills. Passing through a session is very simple. You just have to follow the step-by-step instructions.

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